What is AHA BHA ?????
If your  skincare enthusiastic then you have probably heard zillion times about AHA & BHA. 
Let’s breakdown them in layman language for better understanding. 
 Exfoliation is key for healthy skin and for the better makeup. 

Candid with Abrar Khan

Starting from making light-hearted and witty YouTube videos in the year 2010 to walking the red carpet at India’s most awaited YouTube fan Fest in 2016 .

Not only they conquer Hyderabad but they set sail across borders making way to newbies.

Today I have one of the bro from the Duo of Hyderabad dairies. He is everyone’s Abbu palaan, I’m Sure everyone knew him and his love for fancy automobiles to multi cuisines.

Adding feathers to his cap one after another from a job in Qatar , production company , iDo App to Cameo’s in YouTube videos .

My Latest Blogs

Why Lace Fabric is the best choice for Party Wear

Right sensuousness to your beauty can only be accentuated by the right experimentation of lace fabric dresses. Ethnic or western – laces have had a special space for adding sensuousness in very design make by fashionistas…..


It’s one of highly intense hyaluronic serum ever existed in the market.
It contains 6 different types of hyaluronic acid. 
Every acid has different molecular structures and their level of penetration is different.

About Me

Living content life may seems perplexed, believe me its the other way around.

A nagging mum, A dotting wife, A Master’s in English literature, followed by Clearing my prelims for IAS was not a strategy but enthusiastic nature to crack nutshell , that’s me ” Asfa Ali”.

To be a writer was i dreamt years ago, though it seems an era but i’m a millennial.This web-space is my territory.

So if you’ve made it this far let me tell you guys “what you can find here”?

You can find my reviews unapologetic, i’m not here to sugar coat any brand, a spade is a spade irrespective of its brand value.

You have luxury to intrude my writing and it would be an honour if you could leave your feedback below.

Health & Lifestyle


Organic affaire presents mushy boo, a handmade organic head to toe baby moisturization formula, with organic and natural products. Being a mother, you need to take an extra care and be as perfect as possible.


Never Mess with a Women who is dealing with acne / pimples, she will Retalliate firmly. Priya yadav a young entrepreneur of Auradepurity, who revolutionared Skincare with 100% Herbal and Ayurvedic products.


Kids are born ready to learn, and their brains develop through a stimulating environment with a lot of activities. @DIGITOXKITS help your child learn through these early years.




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