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What is AHA BHA ????

If your  skincare enthusiastic then you have probably heard zillion times about AHA & BHA. 
Let’s breakdown them in layman language for better understanding. 
 Exfoliation is key for healthy skin and for the better makeup. 
They are two types of exfoliation 

1.Physical -You do it everyday by using brush, clarisonic, gentle cloth or scrub, possibilities are endless.
-Since most of the scrub contains nutshells they can micro tear your skin. 
Unless it’s Klairs sugar scrub which is mild on skin. 

2.Chemical :-No, they are not chemical straight from labs. 
-These are derived chemically from plants,  fruits, milk. 
Alpha Hydroxy Acid :
They are derived from natural substance.
  • These are water soluble, as there molecular structure is large they don’t penetrate deep in skin called (dermis) .
  • AHA are best for newbies who are trying acids for the first time irrespective of their skin type,  as they don’t irritate skin and visible result can be seen. 
  • AHA helps in even out the skin brightening & resurface texture.
They are generally 4 AHA:-
  1. Glycolic acid
  2. Lactic acid 
  3. Mandelic acid
  4. Malic acid
Let’s breakdown each to help you
Glycolic acid:
It’s is derived from sugar cane, it’s molecular structure is less than all AHA, it means it can penetrate deep, it exfoliate and gives out even skin tone.
Lactic acid :
It’s is derived from milk, it molecular structure is bigger than glycolic acid, it ideal for sensitive people as it mild and simultaneously moisturizes skin. 
Mandelic acid:
It’s derived from bitter almonds. 
It has anti bacterial properties, it’s more gentle on skin.
Malic acid:
It’s derived from apple. 
It’s not as strong as lactic acid and Glycolic acid, but it give brightening effect. As a result it often use in combination with other AHA 
Beta Hydroxy Acid:
 What I really like to call is Baap (father) for acne.
 Salicylic acid:
 It’s oil soluble, it means salicylic acid penetrate deeper in the pores and breaks down the sebum that causes acne, pimples.
 It dissolve sebum that clog your pores, it’s anti inflammatory too. 
Salicylic acid can cause your skin dry over regular use, so use when it’s required.
👍I can’t emphasis on the use of sunscreen, while you are on acid it’s necessity to use broad spectrum sunscreen. 
👍Always start with less concentrated products, you can build upon later. 
👍At first it burn for 2 to 3 sec that’s normal, if it’s still burn then wash off. 
👍Never use more than one acid if your a beginner and use once a week. 
👍While using physical exfoliation more gentle on your skin.



Hope i have answered all your query, please feel free to share it.  

Till next,

keep Reading.


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Such a informative in-depth post I’m glad to discover your site


[…] AHA & BHA […]


[…] AHA & BHA […]


[…] AHA & BHA […]


Very informative! Thanks for sharing.

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