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Matt look lip toppers

I’m late in joining the bandwagon for reviewing metallic shade, it was a trend of 2018.

Matt look has recently launched there a new collection of lipsticks topper which can be used on your matt lipstick or eyeshadow base or highlighter.


“Wet & Wild Give Me Mocha.”

We are obsessed with nude, and since its summer we got a reason to love it. I was hearing a lot of buzz about Wet & wild Give Me Mocha lipstick until I pushed it in my cart. It comes in a see-through bottle with a curved wand which works well. The formula is creamy and glides on the lips, dry down quickly without drying lips even though its perfect matt. can stay more than 7 hrs, post-meal it will fade from the centre, but not much though. Give me mocha is a perfect nude for medium skin tone, whereas deep brown for fair skin tone. READMORE

Lace Fabric

Why Lace Fabric is the best choice for Party Wear?

Right sensuousness to your beauty can only be accentuated by the right experimentation of lace fabric dresses. Ethnic or western – laces have had a special space for adding sensuousness in very design make by fashionistas. 


Vitamin C Serum

If your dealing with hyperpigmentation, irrespective of your health than incorporate a product which will cure it.
Same goes with Anti Aging, Acnes, Scars, Brighting.
If you wanna get rid of the above mentioned or slow down the aging process, protect from sun damage and UVA or UVB, then use Vitamin C Serum.
It has antioxidants, that helps in strengthening your skin.
It increase collagen production, lighten and Brighten dark circle, make them  plump and hydrated.


After hitting puberty, I was facing severe acne only on my forehead, believe me, I tried every available thing from grinding neem leaves to applying cinnamon powder to soda everything. That’s why I have a lot to guide you, books sometimes the one who faces the situation have the best answers. 



AHA& BHA & The Buffet

The ordinary is a Canadian brand who is a grp of the very close team, they deal with loads of acids which are meant to help your skin.

Their product does have active ingredients, which are always advised to do a patch test before using.

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For all the physical exfoliation lover finally, St Iveshave launched in India.They have come up with all the cult favourite scrubs from apricot to coconut and oats.I have tried their two ranges from, Apricot scrub and oatmeal scrub and mask.

Asian are the largest people who consume rice, they are abundant benefits of rice in skincare.Let me tell you there is a village in China where womens use fermented rice water for hair and their hairs are no less than tv commercials ads we see today.Today I bring you all the possible ways to use Rice water for your hair and skin.

One of the most favourite and Criticis brand is our old lakme  I think we all have made peace with it, they are like one annoying kid who don’t want to listen to good heeds.Recently I have finished my Maybelline fit me foundation and as their were raining discounts I impulsively buyed lakme 9 to 5 foundation. 

Let me take back to the time when my only skincare products was castor oil. I belong to oily skin care family with acne on forehead. I have tried this organic cold pressed castor oil, the first application felt very sticky, and oily but within 10mins it get absorb in skin.

The one that I love about my work is challenging myself and experimenting with new products. One of them is Facial oils, they for me is neccesity. I have been hooked Yvonne from Organic Affaire.

Skin required need commitment, not a miracle.Skin is aging as we speak, it can make you younger as well.


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