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Candid With Abrar Khan

I wonder if someone did akashwani to them as they were first to set a Hyderabadi YouTube channel when digitalization was still in intial phase.

Starting from making light-hearted and witty YouTube videos in the year 2010 to walking the red carpet at India’s most awaited YouTube fan Fest in 2016 .

Not only they conquer Hyderabad but they set sail across borders making way to newbies.

Today I have one of the bro from the Duo of Hyderabad dairies. He is everyone’s Abbu palaan, I’m Sure everyone knew him and his love for fancy automobiles to multi cuisines.

Adding feathers to his cap one after another from a job in Qatar , production company , iDo App to Cameo’s in YouTube videos .

The only thing he hate is elaichi (cardamom) in his biryani.

So here’s a small glimpse into his life…..


1.Did you ever think you will be such a hit with the masses??

Abrar – Not at all! When I started, it was just out of pure passion for creating videos, I never thought I would get 10k views, forget millions! But the people accepted me and showed me love and I’m grateful for that 🙂 .

Your entire family has made their mark, your dad Mr. Adnan sajid khan and brother Shahrukh , how does it feel??

Abrar ‐ It feels awesome! But I’ve never tried looking at it from the audience’s point of view, for me they are just my dad and my younger brother and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

What the one finds you are so grounded and rooted?

Abrar ‐ It is very important to be grounded in life, life can be very unpredictable, I have had firsthand experience on this, one day you are the king, the next you are a peasant, so I feel it’s better to be a peasantat heart all your life.

Generally Shahrukh writes the scripts, do you trust his works and give your inputs??

Abrar ‐ I think he is the best writer in Hyderabad right now.

Advice to youngster who admire you?

Abrar ‐ Follow your dreams, but make sure you don’t step on someone else’s on your way to victory.

Is it difficult or is it ecstatic to roam in the streets of Hyderabad after getting such huge following?

Abrar ‐ TBH, it is kind of difficult as you need to maintain your image in public considering someone or the other might recognize you, plus a lot of kids follow me, I do not want to be a bad example for them.

What made you think of iDO app which you have launched recently? Where did this idea came from?

Abrar ‐ The Idea was from Aftab (The founder of the app), I’m the co‐founder and we have worked very hard for it. We already know there are some apps like ours already in the market but iDO has a more personalized touch to it in terms of making sure the job is finished, plus Abbu Palaan ka app hain yaaro, thodi zyaada mohabbath toh banti.

How do you manage to keep your personal lifeaway from your social self ?

Abrar ‐ I live two different lives, and I think everyone else should too lol.

 One advice if you would have to give to your younger Abrar khan a 18 ur old, what it will be??

Abrar ‐ Save Money. Period.

A very personal question, what made you tell me yes for this interview ?
Abrar ‐ A very personal question to you, Why not?



Thank‐you so much Abrar khan.
You’re welcome, Asfa Ali 🙂 .

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April 14, 2019 6:17 am

Woahh!!! ❤️


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