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People evolve so are they needs, but few basic neccesity remain unchanged, same goes with air and water.

Water is the source of our life, but how far we have gone to manipulate it or waste it, we don’t leave any stone unturned to do so.

Let’s revolutionize our-self for the betterment of our offspring.

✔ Don’t let any leakage peep in your house, we have plumbers get it checked.

✔ We have a tendency to waste water while drinking filling it up but drinking it half,

✔ Have water half glass, you can refill again, if you wish to.

✔  You can also safe water by opting for top loaded washing machine, yeah this may sound old school but they actually consume less water than front loaded machine, at the end of day we want washed clothes whichever way it may comes, right?

I know this are few things, if we do wholeheartedly they can bring alot of change.

They are many simple rules to safe water that we already learned while growing, time to inculcate them in our daily life #cuttingpani

You not only working towards #cuttingpani but the action which you do help your child for Profound Effect.

cutting pani
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