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It always gives me immense pleasure to introduce a new venture from a young couple with insights of scientific values and passion to create a skincare ranges for all skin types. Thus Bff is born.

BFF PRODUCTS are raw, organic and completely cruelty-free.

A Month bag I received my bff products, after using for a while I penned down my thoughts on it.


Rejuvenating body oil for flawless and radiant skin. It has low viscosity, thin, light texture oil that is easily absorbed in the deepest layers of the skin. its moisturizing ability, and anti-oxidant content help in the healing of the epidermis and thus removing stretch marks.


Ever youthful anti -ageing cream is packed with antioxidants & vitamins from Ginseng & argan oil.Ginseng is known for its remarkable anti – ageing property, is packed with phytonutrients which activate skin metabolism. It removes free radicals from the skin and increases collagen production. Argan oil is rich in Vit A & E and antioxidants which reduces the visibility of wrinkles & imparts a youthful glow.


A natural exfoliation treatment, for skin tightening & glow. Coffee, an amazing natural exfoliator, helps in tightening the skin and gives a brightening glow. Trust me you’re gonna love the scrub! It deeply cleanses your skin pores and promotes cellular regeneration.


The cream contains cucumber, rose and peppermint. These ingredients are natural astringent which treats dark circles and rejuvenates the skin by providing a cooling effect on the eyes. It also decreases inflammation.


Transform hair to more defined, more conditioned, and more beautiful with miraculous Argan oil!

Argan oil contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants. This hair oil also includes jojoba which strengthens hairs, and also lavender oil which nourishes, moisturizes and improves hair growth.

They are one of the leading startups with the affordable and superior quality of skin care range.

You can from Amazon and from their website.

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