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kova organics Vitamin c review

Kova organics:
kova organics vitamin c serum

Hello! let me introduce a to a new brand kova organics, we will be reviewing Kova organics vitamin c serum 

Skincare is not about slathering your face with trending product, it’s about learning the needs of skin. 

If your dealing with hyperpigmentation, irrespective of your health than incorporate a product which will cure it.
Same goes with Anti Aging, Acnes, Scars, Brighting.
If you wanna get rid of the above mentioned or slow down the aging process, protect from sun damage and UVA or UVB, then use Vitamin C Serum.
It has antioxidants, that helps in strengthening your skin.
It increase collagen production, lighten and Brighten dark circle, make them  plump and hydrated.
Kova organics:
It excite me when a Indian brand set International standards.
One such is kova organic, they are cruelty free, Environmental safe, 100% safe.
The only thing which is constant in my skincare regime is Vitamin C since a a year now.
Kova organics Vitamin C are handmade and are prepared in small batches to sustain it’s effectiveness.
The bottle of magic contains Hyaluronic Acid, 20% Vitamin C suspension, Vitamin  E and extract of Gotu Kola.
I have detailed review on Hyaluronic Acid, click the link to know it’s importance.
Let me break down little on Gotu kola:
Gotu kola is a plant belongs to parsley family.
It is highly effective on reducing Fine lines, Anti aging, Blemishes, Wrinkles.
A bottle for youthfulness.
With all being said, they are few aspect one must look while buying Vitamin C or preventions while using it.
1.Always build it up, start with less concentrated products, generally they comes in 5%, 10%, 15% & 20%.
2. If Your using for hyperpigmentation, if it’s not hormonal and rather due to constant sun exposure it will cure but be patience, give it at least 3 weeks.
3. Its safe to use twice, if you are using in morning apply Vitamin C after toner then pack it with sunscreen and at night apply it before moisturiser.
Plz don’t skip Sunscreen, or else it will have reverse effect.
4.Since Vitamin C is concentrated  form, the colour may varies for prolong use, ideally it should be pale yellow or clear, if any other colour apart from mentioned one then throw the bottle.
5.Vitamin C oxides, it changes it colour. Ideally they come in dark coloured bottles, and always keep then away from sunlight.
I would totally recommend Kova Organics Vitamin c, it’s safest and one of purest products which I have used.
You can buy them from Amazon.
It retail for 599 rps for 30 ML.
Till next time,
keep learning.
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July 13, 2019 10:35 am

Huge fan of Vit C!


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