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Never Mess with a Women who is dealing with acne / pimples, she will Retalliate firmly.

Priya yadav a young entrepreneur of Auradepurity, who revolutionared Skincare with 100% Herbal and Ayurvedic products. She retaliatied by turning a Entrepreneur of Skincare Brand.

All the products are enriched with natural ingredients in their purest form.

Each product is designed to suit different needs of everyone, each product are tried and tested.

The auro behind Auradepurity is being luxurious skincare brand which cater the need of youngsters who are urging towards cruelty free, sulphate and phylathes free brand. All the products are especially made for Indian skin.

Each product is made in small batches to retain its effectiveness.

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Savanna Turmeric Body Butter

As the name itself suggest how intense it is, I love how it glide on your skin and helps in fading away uneven skin tone, it does contain turmeric which act like antiseptic.

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For me luxury is bath bombs at affordable prices. They have many ranges of bath bombs at decent price. These are few of mine favorite, Auradepurity is hand down one of leading organic skincare brand which optimizes their products at affordable prices.

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Lipbalm & Chapsticks

You can never have enough of them.It should taste great I strongly believe, yes it do taste heavenly. They come in different variant like lemon, kiwi, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry and orange.

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Quiet Time

Activated charcoal in recent years have come to rescue women’s.these face pack helps in treating acne, remove excess oil and minimize pores.

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They got solution for your every need, their soaps ranges from neem, coconut milk, cocoa butter, lavender buds, activated charcoal, haldi Tulsi and saffron bud.

I love their soap, my favorite has to be activated charcoal, pure Neem soap.

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please check their website for more details and products.

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