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Glycolic Acid toning solution

AHA toner

Hello Everyone!

Today, i will talk about The ordinary  Glycolic acid 7% toning solution .let’s address the buzz this brands are creating for toner.

can a simple toner help you to achieve good skin?????


yes, it will. It depends on your skin requirement.

Hear out what your skin asking for.


After cleansing face there will be stubborn makeup residue, the face is deprived of oils resulting in lost of PH level thus skin feel dry and flaky that’s when toner step in.
Toners are instep skincare regime its comes after cleanser and before moisturizer.

Today I will be addressing My cult favorite toner from The ordinary called glycolic acid 7% toning solution, it contains AHA ( ALPHA HYDROXY ACID), hope by now you knew what is AHA & BHA.


 It contains 7% Glycolic acid toning solution, and have a PH ~ 3.6.
The solution exfoliates skin. It is perfect for acne-prone and oily skin with a PH of 3.6 ideal to use.
Not a great option for sensitive skin as it may irritate.

Packaging: It comes in a plastic bottle with a pointed nozzle for the drip.
Not a travel-friendly.

My Experience:
I have been using it from past few months after I came from vacation, I wasn’t regular with skincare and was tanned as hell.
I started using it soon after I came, within a week I could see visible results.
My skin became revitalized, skin texture was improved drastically and I got rid of hyperpigmentation.
Since then it’s my holy grail.


Deciem is a cruelty-free brand, they state to use in PM, once a week. I have been using it in PM thrice a week.
Though it tingles a bit when applied for a few seconds if it persists for longer duration then wash off, it shouldn’t be applied near eye contour.
It is always advisable to do a patch test.

Many people like to compare it with Pixi glow tonic which has 5%glycolic acids with a PH of 4~5. while the ideal skin PH level is 5 ~5.5.
As compare with price The ordinary is cheaper than Pixi.

Since we are dealing with acids there continuous use can make skin sensitive so it is always advisable to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Cons: Slightly tingles when applied.

Pros: Helps in eliminating acne.

Will I buy it again?
Hell yes

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Noor Anand Chawla
Noor Anand Chawla

I have heard amazing things about this brand. I will definitely check this product out too.


Wow thanks for sharing good information. Love reading ur content … Keep sharing more


I am reading so many good reviews about these…I think its high tome.for me try this out! Thanks for sharing the review!

Gurjeet Chhabra

I am facing hyperpigmentation. I think I found the right product for me. thank you for sharing


Looks like a great toner for oily skin. Will recommend this to my sister who has acne prone skin. I am sure this will be good choice for her. Thanks for reviewing.

Jhilmil D Saha
Jhilmil D Saha

Have been wanting to try ordinary products for a long time now, I will definitely start with this. Thanks for sharing the review.

Bushra Muzaffar

This seems to be a decent skin toner… on your recommendation I’ll go for it.

A Classic Mom

Looks like a good product for my skin. Will go by your recommendation. Great information and recommendation.

A Classic Mom

Looks like a good product for my skin. Will go by your recommendation. Great information and recommendation.

Heena Shah-Dhedhi

Toners are a must this season, with all the terrible heat and humidity. This one sure looks like a great option.


Have heard a lot about this brand. Thanks for sharing this, I guess its time to try their products


Oohhh we can use acids on our face didn’t knew thatr


[…] The ordinary Glycolic Acid7% Toner Review […]

Simrit Bedi

I have heard wonderful reviews about this brand! will definitely buy it soon . #simritreads #MyFriendALexa

Simrit Bedi

I have heard wonderful things about this brand. Will definite check out their stuff soon. #simritreaads #MyFriendAlexa

Upasana #pahadimomblogger

Thank you for sharing such information. I am surely going to check this out and work on it.

Neha Gupta

Sounds interesting. Have not tried these products or the brand. would love to check out


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