How to do SEO?? | Millennial Scribbler How to do SEO??

How to do SEO??

What is SEO?

If your have a self hosted blog then you might heard this term zillion times but never bothered to quest on it. What is Exactly SEO?

SEO is a proper way to optimize your content to wider medium of audience.

You don’t need to worry about the audience it will gain.

SEO boost your website traffic and ultimately your ad-sense increases paying you for your hard work.

How to do SEO?

SEO is a process which need to be done with every blog-post.

They are professionals who do it for money so gear up and learn if you don’t want to spent money  and start earning.

SEO is divided into two part: ON Page SEO  & OFF Page SEO


How to do SEO

What is SEO

First we cover On Page SEO:

  • Meta Tags
  • Internal links
  • Out bound links
  • Structure of Content
  • Focus on keyword

Meta Tag: 

Its a basic element of the blog which give reader snippet of what the entire blog post is about.The first two lines after your URL is called meta tag.

Internal Links:

By including previous blog links or hyperlinks, to the present one create hierarchy of content to the visitor, they will stay on your blog for longer period. thus google get idea about the good structure of the blog.

Always use hyperlinks of related content, if the blog is about food then don’t post your sunscreen review.

Generally hyperlink per blog post can be one or two, DON’T OVERCROWD IT.

Out bound links:

A links that redirect to another website is out bound link.

Linking a brand website to your product review is outbound link.

Structure of content:

Be clear about your content at the beginning. Maximum word count has to be 300. 

Relation of the content should be in Heading h1, followed by sub heading h2.

-Always categorized the blog , like lifestyle, diet and fashion. people will peap through as per there interest.

-Followed by tags that create a hierarchy to your blogs.

-Give attributes to your images always name,that’s the SEO of image. Images too drive you traffic.

Focus Keyword:

It is advisable to check the keyword with the google trend before adding it.

Focus key word must be use atleast 3 times in blogs.

Focus Keyword / Meta description / slug all should be similar . you can’t alter a single spelling in them.

Off Page:

Link Building:

link building is very fast and complex.

let me simply you by giving backlinks of your post on other page may drive traffic.

the simplest form is guest blog post, use your acquaintance and exchange a blog post,  other person readers are directed towards your blogs.

Social Media:

Its one of the powerful tool we can access.

As a content writer one must make sure your presence are felt on all the platform.

use this platform to promote your work, its nothing wrong in promoting.


The other things which is beneficial for a website is consistent, if you have flare tow rite then invest your time and money.

File size

Bounce back rate

Less plugins

speed of your website

Also, older the website greater will be the presence.

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Noor Anand Chawla
Noor Anand Chawla

You have explained the principles of basic SEO very well in this post. You have made it easy for newbie bloggers.

Manisha Garg

This is a very simple way of understanding SEO. I am bookmarking this post for reference.

sandy n vyjay

It is very important that one focuses on SEO to ensure it ranks on google. These are some really good pointers to improve SEO rankings for our blog posts.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay
Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

Here are some useful tips for the content writers. You have covered all the aspects. Thanks for the info.

Ghazala Naseem
Ghazala Naseem

Nice and informative post on SEO , Guest posting helps to improve DA , and interlinking with previous posts is also a good way to keep readers on blog for good period of time.


Thanks for reminding me to work on seo on my blog. You have given some really good tips.


This is such an informative article for those beginning to start their website or blog. Also fabulous for those to just use it as a guide if they manage seo on their own.


SEO is a very important for all the bloggers. SEO is a must. It is a really helpful post for all the bloggers.

Jhilmil D Saha

This is a very informative post and will be helpful for anyone dealing with blog or website.


That is a very well written and a descriptive article for novices like me. I am planning to make a switch and this will surely help me a lot


Thanks for summing up important information about SEO. Yeah each blog post requires individual SEO and it gets hectic sometimes

Amrit kaur

I agree with the points that you mentioned for SEO. I follow these points while writing my article and making it live on blog.


This is Sachin important topics for all bloggers and yet I find it overwhelming to understand all the moving parts. This has been helpful article and have simplified what needs to be done thank you


I am working as a digital marketing person and I am well versed with SEO and meta tags. This post is great for anyone looking to understand SEO.


This was a very insightful post and I totally loved it as I work a lot on my blog and SEO.


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