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Indian skincare took aleap in 2020, we saw brands evolving and escalating heights, one such has to be using of actives in skincare. Till last year we were having hyaluronic acid and vitamin c as active now we have evolved in skincare to the extent we no longer rely on foreign brands.

Bakuchiol V/s Retinol

Having said that one such ingredient which is in everyone Wishlist is Bakuchiol oil.

What is Bakuchiol ?

Psoralea corylifolia is the plant from which its extracted. bakuchiol is recognized as endangered plant by the international union for conservation of nature.

Bakuchiol is mostly harvested in Rajasthan and Punjab.

It is considered to be alternate to retinol, and since retinol is known for skin purging and irritation many hesitate to try it out. Hence we have Bakuchiol to splurge on, there is sudden demand in the production of bakuchiol as a result it may be sourced ethically . Hence bakuchiol is not a sustainable ingredient to invest on.

Brands are selling Bakuchiol at exorbitant prices and as a consumer we need to question the brand on the sourcing and authenticity.

Bakuchiol don’t have a enough studies to prove its reliability when compare with retinol.

Moreover Bakuchiol seems to be MLM brand.

What else can we use if not Bakuchiol??

Remember Bakuchiol is alternative to retinol not the other way around.

One can invest in Rosehip oil, it contain Higher content of Vitamin A , oleic acid and linolenic acid which are fatty acid. Rosehip oil has bio active retinoic acid though it can’t be alternate for prescription retinol but a great option for beginner’s as plant based retinol.

It has comedogenic rating of 1- which is very safe for all skin types.

It’s considered to be dry oil, which absorb in skin quickly.

We have studies where rosehip oil has shown significant improvement.

Rosehip oil is well established, environment friendly, sustainable and budget friendly.

Retinol is always and will be the favorite for ageing skin. Though we now have access to many derivatives of retinol one can consider the safest of all which is Granactive Retinoid.

Synthetic Retinol is lab friendly, backed by years of clinical studies.

Just don’t go overboard with Retinol, larger the quantity better the result has proved null in retinol you just need a pea size twice a week protected by layers of sunscreen with SPF 50 atleast.

I strongly believe its just a new ingredient which still need clinical studies to back on and dont fall for all the new trend. Bakuchiol is good but we already have established products at affordable range.

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