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Is Yoga skin is achievable in Indian climate??


Let me breakdown Yoga Skin Makeup …
Before you jump on any pre assumption let me clear, it’s no way realted to Baba Ramdev and not at all any Assans are involved in it. 
The Beauty World went crazy after Sara Hill shared Yoga skin Tutorial on her Instagram handle.
She used only 4 products to achieve the divine glow. 
  • Light /sheer foundation

  • Facial oil

  • Strobe cream

  • Glow drops. 

Can India be safe hub to try it?? 
In India it’s very difficult to achieve that look due to our climate, as after an hour or so we anyhow get that divine glow from sun. 
With summer around the corner, the only thing that melt along with our hydration level  is makeup. 
In simple terms it’s slapping your face With  facial oil and liquid illuminator along with sheer foundation is called yoga skin makeup.
Well, it’s good for the ladies who prefer matt  base, very ideal for shoots. 
On a light note it easy way to empty your existing makeup products (pun intended ).

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-Asfa Ali

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