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Khadi global retinol 2.5% serum


Khadi Global Retinol 2.5% Serum


 If you aren’t aware of benefits of Retinol, then let me brief you.

Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A. It helps in skin cell turnover that stimulate collagen production in skin. Thus, it firm the skin by slow down skin ageing and even out the fine’s lines.

If anyone is in their mid-20’s, then Retinol is essential in skincare.

It is advisable to use at night, using of Sunblock is out of question.  LACTATING AND PREGNANT WOMEN please avoid retinol.

Khadi Retinol 2.5%

khadi retinol 2.5% serum

khadi global retinol 2.5% serum

Retinol comes in strength, their percentage shows the content of Vitamin A, higher the strength higher are percentage of irritated & inflamed skin. Its always advisable to build it up according to ones skin with lower strength.

If a starter with actives use high strength of retinol then they can witness skin purging- A state when your skin erupts comedo, acne & pimples.

Since they are in dermis layer they appear on skin when it gets contact with active.

Actives/ retinol should be used twice a week and so on increase the usage.

My experience:

I Have already tried Retinol in prescription and OTC drug.

There is hell lot of difference, prescription retinol makes your skin dry and flaky while OTC drugs which are easily accessible are mild and they are formulated with other potent ingredients that give the desirable result with less irritation.

 Khadi retinol comes in strength of 2.5% that itself is high strength when compared with any Retinol. Since they strength are decreased by adding other ingredients it’s safe to use.

It is advisable to use this serum on damp skin.

It does come with fragrance which I don’t like, anyhow  it will fade away after few seconds.

It comes in running consistency that sink in skin immediately and give a subtle shine.

While using this I have tried other skincare product it didn’t broke me.

After few uses, I could feel brighter, less blackheads, hyper pigmentation and clearer skin.

Don’t over EXFOLIATE skin while you are on it as RETINOL itself Exfoliate skin.

If your scared of Retinol and still want to try then definitely this is the one, doesn’t purge and affordable too.

Khadi Brand:

Khadi global brings organic skincare recipe from nature formulated with pure herbs and trust.

These products are sold worldwide in leading hotels and spa.

Checkout different range of product they have.

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Ghazala Naseem
Ghazala Naseem

Have used some products from Khadi but not this one , honestly bit scared to use it fearing it might cause breakouts and acne.

Manisha Garg

Khadi products are trusted and I have been using one of their serums and loved it. Your review gives a clear idea about the product usage as I haven’t used retinol based products before.

Noor Anand Chawla
Noor Anand Chawla

This seems like a good product for people who are trying retinols for the first time. I will check it out.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay
Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

Khadi global has a good range of wonderful products. I have used some. And I love them. Would definitely try this one.

sandy n vyjay

Khadi Retinol Serum seems to be a good option for getting tighter skin. It also seems to smoothen the skin and give it a clearer look.


Looks like a good serum with retinol. I will surely try this serum soon. Thanks for the review.


Retinol makes a great and visible difference to the skin. I will try khadi one too.


This sounds like a great product. I would love to try this one product instead of trying out 10 different products endorsing different uses.

Jhilmil D Saha

I think once we hit our 30s, including retinol in our skin treatment is very necessary. Itsgreatto know about this retinol.


I have not tried prescription retinol but i do love some of the over the counter high-end retinol offerings from a few brands. I will check out this one soon.


I was looking for good recommendation about Retinol based serum. This looks effective in slowing ageing of skin . Love to try

Amrit kaur

I haven’t tried their serum but your review looks nice to get hands on this serum in future. I would recommend this to my friend too.


This is an informative post and thank you for sharing the types and especially what to take care of when using this product.


I had no clue what Retinol is. Thanks for briefing me up. This looks like a great product, will definitely try it out.


I have used this serum and I totally love the effects of it. Thanks for your honest review.


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