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The one that I love about my work is challenging myself and experimenting with new products. One of them is Facial oils, they for me is neccesity. I have been hooked Yvonne from Organic Affaire.

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Yvonne is one of the most premium product of organic affaire. It’s an absolute luxury by nature. This premium face serum is handcrafted with organic and natural ingredients.

  Who doesn’t want to look good in their own skin!? This product does the work!

It’s enriched with vitamin E, Lavender, Cedarwood, Organic Jojoba & Argan.

It stimulates complexion and curbs ageing by straightaway working on pigments. These ingredients works well giving amazing results.

It also helps fade away scars & marks.

Helps tone uneven skin, also healing pop marks.

It gives you an exceptionally radiating and glowing skin.

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