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Maybelline super stay matt ink

Maybelline super stay matt link

Maybelline super stay matt ink


Maybelline is a household brand with many affordable options.
They always keep their lipstick and mascara game-high, it was the first brand who gave us 24 hr stay matt lipstick at affordable price.


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So today I will be reviewing their newly launched and relaunched with new shade MAYBELLINE SUPERSTAY MATTE INK.

Price: 650 rps can easily get on discounted price
Quantity:5 ml

Packaging :
1.It comes in a square tube with shade colour, as it’s easy to choose the shade
2. The applicator is broad, that bends and  easily glides on lips

One of the best formula for a long-lasting lipstick, comfortable without drying lips.

Maybelline has relaunched 29 shades, as a brand it commendable
I have been using two shades from their range, 115 FOUNDER &85 PROTECTOR.

Its claim to stay up to 16 hrs but I have noticed it can stay longer than that no amount of food can smudge it.
If the food is a bit oily then it will fade away slightly, you don’t need any touch-up.
As it matt its difficult to remove, we required a good makeup remover.

Cons: while it stay for maximum amount of time while fading away it crumble and ballsup, it fade away from inbetween from lip and look like a lip liner, that isn’t appealing  to me.

If your looking for nude matt :

you can definitely splurge on it and can avail discounts easily.

Can easily Available at AMAZON.IN


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