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Do we need to address this??

Yes, simple it may sound, until you endure it.

Why we are ashamed to address it? 
We may live in digital society but deep inside we do have Social stigma.

Do we need to ignore it?

Do you ignore a 4th stage cancer ? You won’t then why mental health. 

Do whatever it takes to regain your sanity, music, walk or consult someone.

Don’t wait for celebrity to address it or  another #metoo or #mentalhealth moment to initiate.

Be the change not for your society but for yourself, it’s 2019 let’s live life for ourselves. 

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I like the last line. Let’s live for ourselves. Our society is all about living for others and putting others as first priority than ourselves. But I guess things are changing now.

Geethica Mehra

Mental health is actually the backbone of our happy life. It is nothing to be ashamed of if you are mentally ill. It is better to address the problem than it’s too late.

Manas Mukul

Totally agree with you. If we cant take care of ourselves we wont be able to take care of others too 🙂
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