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Props for Flatlay under 200 rps

marble chart paper for flatlays
Fellow Instagrammer and my extended family, today blog post will be all about flatlay props.. Many a times, these props are lying in front of us, we fail to recognize them. 
Today I will be sharing few economical props that you can use, just need to have a creative look. Will be sharing props for flatlay under 200 rps.
1.Chart paper/ sweater /satin cover /Marble paper
We all did many school project with these chart paper, they are inexpensive and easily available.
Grab a sweater or husband or brother shirt, crumble it and use it as layering.
Satin cloth is classic but the only headache is ironing, who love ironing.
Marble paper, I know this has been cult favourite and in huge trend, in reality we can’t use our marble flooring that look so blah on pics and it isn’t affordable, but I got something use  print outs of the marble paper and arrange on the base or  get yourself  marble top by using marble wallpaper.
If you want to invest in Marble cover than clink to buy
2.Flowers /dried petals/plants
Just take a glimpse at your TV cabinet, you may find many flower vases, use one at a time, it’s better to colour coordinate according to your product. 
It accentuate the pic.
Never throw away dried real flower and it’s petals. Treasure them to entity, they give vintage vibe and add depth to the pictures.
Plants, I just love this trend where plant are getting their due, honestly I started having plants to use them in pictures now I love them, just plant a sampling or cutting in a eye catching kettle or cup. 
3.Tiles /Roti Board stone
So, we all are seeing all over internet the use of Roti board stone, sneak in the kitchen and use your Roti board wooden, marble, granite or the base of the cake leftover disc. 
Possibilities are endless just cover some area and click. 
Tiles, this is very economical and convient to grab the only hurdle is they won’t sell single.
Grab then from any construction site and bamb.
4.Books/ Magazine 
Oohh you aren’t a bookworm, don’t worry you not need to have a cigarette to show the smoke. Okay that what exxagerated 

Place the book and magazine either at the corner or place the product on it.
Be creative use different angles.

5. Accessories /Rings/ Bracelet /String of Pearls/ Chains 

Anything in pearls gives a vintage and classy touch, dig in your closet we all own pearl necklace use them same goes with rings, bracelet, chains and watch. 
place them and change your angle. 
props for flatlay 200 rps
One thing to remember, don’t be in hurry to display all your props, remember one at a time and the real fun not showing everything yet showing it by giving definition. 
Even if the props couldn’t be seen fully in pic, it add depth to the picture even if it’s in out of focus. 
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Important :
Hunt a place in your house, ideally window area is the place. Now place the props in front of it and take the photo from the opposite side of window or look at the L shape from window. When clicked pic in artificial light or from wrong direction the reflection can be seen on the products or on the props, so be careful and creative. 
Let me know if this was helpful and if you want part 2 of this blog. 



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