Millennial Scribbler Pure by Priyanka - Myoho SKINCARE

Pure by Priyanka – Myoho

Pure by priyanka- Myoho

If your looking for organic and clean brand that is the powerhouse, then i urge you to read complete blog post on pure by priyanka-Myoho.

About the brand:

pure by priyanka

pure by priyanka-myoho

Pure by priyanka- Myoho  is plant derived pure brand from the entrepreneur priyanka.  A hobby churn out as a business. A FDA approved brand that strive to help every skin type and skin concern. Each product are free from all preservatives, SLS, Phathalates and free from animal testing.

I have received few months back their acne care range, im awestruck with their results.

 Acne Cleanser :

pure by priyanka-myoho

myoho- acne cleanser

If your looking for a effective product that doubles up as a mask then don’t forget to check this cleanser that  contains cucumber extract, tea tree, sandalwood and papaya extract.


Green tea toner :

pure by priyanka-myoho

It contains Green tea extract, rose distilled water. tea tree oil, basil, lemon peel with witch hazel and salicylic acid.

It instantly refresh, revitalizes and rejuvenated skin, and quickly absorb skin.


Acne Cream :

pure by priyanka-myoho

It’s a blend of  kalonji oil, Neem oil, tea tree oil, witch hazel along with cream base, all helps in curbing acne.

It is advised to use  twice a day for the effective result.

It might irk your senses as the cream has overpowering fragrance but it subside after few minutes.

Luxurious Elixir gel :

Pure by priyanka-myoho

I have seen many elixir who are at jaw dropping price but this isn’t.

we all know benefits of rice water for our skin. pure by priyanka gave us the reason to invest in this product as she has Incorporated rice water along with carrot seed oil, raw honey, Gotu kola, aloe vera extract, glycerin and fruitamin extract.

Elixir are a luxurious concoction of power booster, ideally they are in liquid form but this is a cream based that revive dull skin and absorb quickly as its a water based gel.


Facial Ubtan:

Pure by Priyanka- moyoho

pure by priyanka facial ubtan

As a Indian we have been using ubtan for the longest, every one have different formulation.

Pure by priyanka , facial ubtan is a powerful treatment of 36 potent sun dried and hand pounded ingredients.

Its a grainy in texture, the application of the ubtan is as per skin type.

For dry skin- milk cream

For oily skin -honey

Normal skin -rose water\aloe vera.

A ubtan that acts as scrub and instantly brighten your skin.

Read on Retinol.

Anti Tan powder face mask:

Pure by priyanka

anti tan scrub

As the name suggest its anti tan scrub which is a blend of fine powder, accumulated from ancient recipe that helps in brighten your complexion and revitalizes simultaneously.

A fine blend of rakt chandan, white powder, belgiri, red rice, neem powder, orange peel powder, tulsi. lemon peel powder, lodhra, stransie, vwetiver and fennel seed.

The application is clearly mentioned according to one skin type.

Normal skin- rose water/ aloevera

oily skin -yogurt

dry skin-milk cream

If  pigmented skin then use tomato or pomegranate juice.


I would highly recommend Pure by Priyanka- Myoho, they cater every skin type and skin concern they do have kits for Hair growth.

Do check them out.


Till next,

Thank you for staying by.



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neha jain

It sounds like a good brand of skincare products. I might try using it. Thanks for sharing the information.

Paresh Godhwani

This acne care kit looks really cool. I hope it will cure acne and will help people in reducing the tensions related to acne.

Yogita Amit Joshi

Seems a great brand… love the detailed review… i would love to try the toner as i never found a good toner for my skin


Love that these products are loaded with goodness of nature and are chemical free, definitely to vouch for.


I am hearing of this brand for the first time buddy but it sure sounds very interesting and worthy

Mrinal Kiran
Mrinal Kiran

Wow… I love exploring new brands and this looks quite good… I would love to try the acne cleanser, toner and acne cream!

Preeti tiwari

Wow…the ingredients are attractive and products looks promising,I would be happy to give it a try.

Shub Bhide
Shub Bhide

Good range from this woman entrepreneur I must say. Especially it’s really good that it’s free of all nasties.

Amrit kaur

I have tried their facial ubtan and it is good to exfoliate skin and keep it glowing. I am excited to use their more products now.


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