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Skincare for 30’s

Skincare at 30’s is all about protecting and rejuvenating from all the turmoil our life went through, be it in cooperate sector or after giving birth, skincare went to toss. 
Time to shower in  retinol, Anti oxidant and Sunscreen. 
1. Lifestyle:
Don’t be harsh, understand skin needs, a little change goes a long way. 
Cut down on sugar & carbonated drinks  they age you faster, one could ever imagine, eat leafy green  and don’t miss the bed.
Dozed off before 11 pm as 11 pm –2 Am  is revitalizing time for body. 
2.Upgrade your skincare. 
CTM routine is for 20’s one need to upgrade their skincare regime.
As we age our skin cell turnover rate decrease, skin take extra time to heal,  including product which helps in  skin cell turnover will help. 
the ordinary glycolic acid
3. Retinol.
Retinol is consider gold of skincare, there is a reason behind it. 
Once you gel with retinol, I swear you aren’t switching off.
Retinol speedup Skin cell turnover cycle and give you extra plumpness, slow down aging and help in boasting collagen.
retinol for 30's skincare
4.Free radicals:
Free radicals are everywhere, from nature and in our body, include citrus fruits orally to combat free radicals and include Vitamin C serum /creams in skincare to combat free radicals, anti oxidant and it increase the efficiency of sunscreen too. 
skincare for 30's
5.Moisturizer & eye cream. 
A dry and un moisturized skin age faster, always use a hydrating moisturizer, same goes with under eye. 
Under eye is the only area in entire face which doesn’t produce any oils. 
Moisturized under eye  heavily, its more prone to witness age spots  and crows feet are inevitable  so use a UV protected sunglasses.
6.Include peptides, Matrixyl 3000
Peptides, Hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl 3000 are advance skincare, formulated for mature skin. 
Include any one of these in regular and see the difference, they will instantly plump the skin and increase collagen production for firmer youthful looking skin
7.Facial massage & Mask.
We all love good massages, don’t we??
Include massage be it jade roller, or any fancy tool, the logic is to signal skin to boost collagen production and  that help in better absorption of skincare products. 
Skin has been open spilling oil for many years, unclogging those pores by incoperating clay mask.
The process itself is appealing.
Let me know if you found this helpful. 
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March 20, 2020 8:56 am

I never knew the number of products available for age-specific skincare. This post was extremely informative for me and I would certainly be trying collagen gel.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay
Shreemayee Chattopadhyay
March 22, 2020 3:34 am

A great post for everyone who are confused about what steps should go through to look beautiful. Thanks for the info.

March 22, 2020 6:50 am

I follow few and apply few of the skincare u have mentioned.
And yeah taking care of skin properly indeed give results.


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