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AHA& BHA & The Buffet

Ever wonder using Acid on your face to cure your curiosity. If you had asked me earlier I would simply say halwa hai kya???

My perspective is changed now. The brand doesn’t need any introduction, one of the most loved and controversial brand.

If you gotta try at any point of time than please privilege yourself.

A lot of it has been said and made, I don’t need to replicate it.

Will be sharing what I felt after using for the first few days, mind you I have used only 2 products

  1. The buffet

  2. The AHA and BHA peeling solution.

My first impression of Buffet, it instantly plum and hydrate my skin, can’t miss the shine it gave, everyone complimented for the glow.Loved it, absorb quickly, the consistency is thick and running.

Would highly recommend:The peeling solution,At first, I thought my skin would peel like a snake, thank god it didn’t as I ophidiophobia, its the last animal on my mind.

Nevertheless, I tried and got a few tingling sensations for a few minutes.

It didn’t give an instant result but after using twice-weekly could see the slight result. I did try something which is extreme and would never want to recommend I dermarolled my face before applying the solution. my face was on fire for a few seconds and thankfully nothing happened.

About the Brand:

The ordinary is a Canadian brand who is a grp of the very close team, they deal with loads of acids which are meant to help your skin.

Their product does have active ingredients, which are always advised to do a patch test before using.

Till next,

Stay hooked.

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