DIY hair mask

The struggle to manage hairs is real.
If you don’t want to splurge on brands for hair spa, I have a DIY, especially for dry and damaged hair.
A  DIY hair mask with 3 ingredients that are easy and can be found in your kitchen
You will need:
1. Ripe Banana – I use 2 as I want to maximum benefits, take according to your hair length, it provides hydration and nourishes hair restoring it back to health.
2. Honey- as it strengthens hair follicles, helps in repairing hairs and it has Antibacterial properties that clearout scalp.
3. Olive Oil or Castor Oil -they help in hair growth, and great to repair damaged caused by heat tools.
4. Shower cap/ cling wrap or polythene bag  
use all the above ingredients according to your hair lengths.
Blend all together in a blender in a smooth paste, a banana will act like a rebel, make sure everything is finely blended and apply it generously all over scalp and hair.
Cover your hair with a shower cap/ cling wrap or polythene bag( I’m sure they must be lying everywhere in our house)
The shower cap helps to hold in the heat from your head, it will help in opening hair follicles so witness maximum benefits. keep it for 20 mins to 2 hrs for best result use it once a week.

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