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Let me take back to the time when my only skincare products was castor oil. I belong to oily skin care family with acne on forehead. I have tried this organic cold pressed castor oil, the first application felt very sticky, and oily but within 10mins it get absorb in skin. I was so impressed with it that i used as body lotion too. I still go back to it, when my skin goes rebel. Let unleash benifts of it: Castor oil is one of the world's oldest cultivated crop which is being used since ages for multiple health issues. Ricinoleic acid, the main fatty acid present in castor oil, has impressive anti-inflammatory effects. It reduces inflammation and relieves pain. Castor oil is commonly used in food additives, skin care products, and in medications too!

1. It’s a natural moisturizer.
2. Promotes wound healing.
3. Impressive anti-inflammatory effects. 
4. Reduces acne.
5. Fights fungus.
6. Keep your hair and scalp healthy..
      Also you don’t need to apply a lot of oil… It has anti-fungal properties & is rich in Vit E.  
Since castor oil is thick and greasy, you won’t find it comfortable applying daily, you can use it as nightmare regime. 
It also enhances smoothens, softness when applied on facial skin. 
It also make your eyelashes grow longer, thicker, & darker.
 Isn’t that amazing!?
       It also reduces acne and improves hair growth. 
With that said, you can see many benefits of castor oil. It’s absolutely amazing for skin and for hair growth.

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Such a informative article keep looking to read more

Noor Anand Chawla
Noor Anand Chawla

Castor oil has many wonderful uses and it was nice to refurbish my knowledge with your pointers on uses of castor oil in this post.


I never knew about this one
….you have really shared some amazing points….thanks for sharimg this one !


Wow I never know it suits oily skin as well. I use castor oil in my hair oil.


Castor oil is one of those products which you got to have in your home, It has a lot of benefits. Thanks for sharing this article.

A Classic Mom

Wow know about the uses of castor oil so much! Great post!! Lots of it was news to me very frankly!

A Classic Mom

Did not know there are so many uses this 0f castor oil. Looks like u have done great research !


Everyone must try this oil

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