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What I Do !!!

-Asfa Ali

Living content life may seems perplexed, believe me it is the most easy way to make any others.

A nagging mum, A dotting wife, A Master’s in English literature, followed by Clearing my prelims for IAS was not a strategy but enthusiastic nature to crack nutshell , that’s me ” Asfa Ali”.

To be a writer was i dreamt years ago, though it seems an era but i’m a millennial.This web-space is my territory.

So if you’ve made it this far let me tell you guys “what you can find here”?

You can find my reviews unapologetic, i’m not here to sugar coat any brand, a spade is a spade irrespective of its brand value.

You have luxury to intrude my writing and it would be an honour if you could leave your feedback below.

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