Debelle cosmetix sheet mask

Debelle cosmetix – bio cellulose sheet mask.

Sheet mask are not only luxury but also quite effective if you’re running on time and looking for instant radiance for that special event.
With environmental changes the sustainability of sheet mask are being questioned.

Thank fully debelle cosmetix have came up with solutions which are sustainable, eco friendly and biodegradable too.

Best sheet mask in India

So splurging shouldn’t stop you.

They have came up with 5 variants according to skin concern, so there is something for everyone.

Let me brief you about bio cellulose sheet mask.
Biocellulose fibers have the ability to both absorb and donate moisture and liquids, making them the perfect carrier for delivering nourishing ingredients to your skin.

Biocellulose mask has superfine fiber an is eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to fibers produced through commercially.

Youth reviving

The formulation of youth reviving mask include Hyaluronic acid, Ginseng root & Rosehip seed oil which helps in reducing smoothing sign of aging while rosehip seed oil helps in even out skin tone and Hyaluronic acid is an humectant which draws the moisturizer and plum skin giving a youthfulness.

Hydrating :
If you’re skin is dry and dehydrated then
The hydrating face sheet mask is your solution.
It’s formulated with cucumber extract that helps in restoring moisture in skin while the hydro boost serum
Consist of cranberry & mulberry extract works by binding water to the epidermis and create a barrier for moisture intact.

Brightening :

For dull skin glutathione helps in giving skin radiance, helping in fading dark spots and keeping the skin plump and bright.
Brightening face sheet mask is formulated with grapefruit extract which aids to regulate build up oil in the pores.
While blackberry extract helps in rejuvenating skin

Firming face sheet mask:

As the name itself suggest firmness and tightening of skin.
If you’r looking something for mature skin then this is it as the ingredients are includes pomegranate which helps in toning and improves collagen in skin which prevents from sagging.
While goji berry helps in giving a youthfull appeal to skin

Repair & nourishing face sheet mask.
For damaged skin from sun then these ingredients might help you as they’re high in antioxidant properties which are vitamin c serum which is ideal antioxidant . Calendula extract that helps in healing skin and reduces redness While liquorice extract helps in toning and maintain skin barrier.

Please Note:

Skincare is not a one time solution, you need to participate in them actively everyday to see the results.
The above mentioned results can only be achieved if you use them 2-3 times a week.

The mask fit the skin perfectly and don’t peel off unlike others.
One sheet mask pack contains enough serum which can be used for the next two days.
You can check these sheet on @Debelle website or Amazon

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