My retinol journey 2020

The latest trend of late 2020 has to be  introducing Retinol in skincare.

I first started tretinoin 0.025%.
Tretinoin is an prescription Retinol, it work quick and can make skin irritated.

As I came from vacation in 2018 I was fully tanned and pigmented.
Within span of weeks I saw great results, late 2019 I stopped using tretinoin as I wasn’t able to see any results.

2020 was the year of worst, I again started my tretinoin journey same percentage but my impulsive acts made my skin worst.
My skin was irritated as hell, red as tomato and broke like hell.
I stopped using tretinoin and threw it away, I know myself better .

I calmed my skin with hydration, applied peptides and olay regenerist cream.

Within 4 weeks by skin was almost okayish, except dark spot left by pimples.

My retinol journey

If social-media is making you to try tretinoin then ask yourself will you able to control the application and quantity because clearly I wasn’t.
Now I regret doing it, have tried multiple Retinol OTC from Indian brands and safe to say if you need results hang in there and turn towards OTC retinols.
They’re result might be slow but process will be endeavouring.

Olay regenerist micro sculpting cream comes with SPF 30, you may see your mother loving, it’s time you also enjoy using it.

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