Dr. Sheth’s Retinoid power emulsion


Today I finished Dr.sheth’s Rosehip & retiniod Power emulsion.

If you have read my Retinol journey 2020 blog you would know how Tretinoin proved disaster for my skin.

Thankfully now in India, we have many brands to rely on for Retinol as OTC (over the counter) cream.

Retinol for skin:

Vitamin A aka Retinol is known as the gold standard in skincare.

It was earlier introduced for acne treatment later on researchers develop how it helped in anti-aging too. It was prescription based which is high in results and irritation.

While retinol OTC is great for beginners friendly with less irritation and good results.

Dr. Sheth’s Retinoid power emulsion

Dr sheth’s Retinoid power emulsion:

Dr sheth’s have launch their Retinol emulsion with Rosehip oil, Bakuchiol and granactive Retinoid in 2020.

Firstly I’m so happy they didn’t promote bakuchiol as the anti-aging ingredient because there can be only one Retinol for skin that is vitamin A.

Though the formulation is power packed with vitamin A as rosehip oil and granactive Retinoid are high potent of vitamin A.

How does these products help:

Every skin has its cycle which depends on one’s age.

lower the age faster is your skin cycle. When you apply Retinol it will speed up the skin cycle to shed older skin fast and bring new skin.

This way your skin gets exfoliated, unclogged well without using any other external means.

Which also means combating dark spot, pigmentation, appearance of fine lines, wrinkles while increasing smoother skin texture, firm elasticity, slowing down the break-ing collagen production and thus plumper skin.

Granactive Retinoid is the Gen z of retinol, due to its less irritation and high performance this is ideal for everyone.

Dr sheth’s Retinoid power emulsion:

It comes in a classic black bottle with a pump dispenser. Which look luxurious and chic.

The emulsion is a slight yellow gel based which turned to a creamy texture that sinks into the skin in no time. It does have a beautiful fragrance that doesn’t linger on me.

I have been using it for many months, haven’t noticed any breakout or skin irritation.


⭐RETINOL in any form shouldn’t be use of you’re breastfeeding, trying to convince or pregnant.

⭐ Retinol always should be applied at night on dry skin, followed up with sunscreen of SPF 50 atleast.

⭐It take atleast 3 months to see visible results, so patience is the key.

⭐ Don’t expose any Retinol product to sunrays/ sunlight as they are photosensitive and can degrade it’s quality.

Let me know if you have tried any Retinol and do wait as I have my Retinol stocked full.

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