Best Niacinamide serum in india


If you’re familiar with indian skincare, then I bet you already knew how Niacinamide is talk of town.

Known for it’s unlimited benefits without any potential side affects this ingredients has been a game changer for many.

Let me brief you on Niacinamide:

✔️ Niacinamide is a water soluble, it doesn’t dissolve in oil. Usually it’s a silent ingredients found in many water based serum and moisturizer.

✔️It has a pH of 7 = neutral, absorb easily in outer layer of skin.

✔️ It Nourish skin barrier by hydrating that plump skin, control sebum production that leads to less clogged pores which eventually leads to less pore size.

✔️ It also helps to control & alleviate mild to moderate acne, it’s anti microbial & antu inflammatory.

Studies also show’s when Niacinamide & salicylic acid used together it often results in reduce pore size & bumpy skin texture.

Though Niacinamide seems too good to be true, however there’s lot of complaints on its side-effects example purging to name a few.

It’s always advisable to use Niacinamide or any active in less percentage, the lower the merrier.

5% is begginer friendly.

Start with using twice a day then slowly increase it usage to everyday.

I have tried both ways 5% & 10% neither of them irritated my skin.

Well I have some indian formulated Niacinamide.

The DermaCo 5% Niacin toner

One of the best way to introduce Niacinamide is in toner form as it sweep in skin efficiently. DermaCo niacinamide contains 5% niacinamide which is begginers friendly along with yuzu fruit which is knows to fade away uneven skintone.

Suganda niacinamide serum:

It comes in 10% niacinamide along with hyaluronic acid, panthenol, green tea and centella.

Though the percentage seems strong but indeed it one of the hydrating, calming and soothing formulation bind together.

Deconstruct brightening serum review

It contain 10% Niacinamide 0.3 % alpha Arbutin, the powerful formulation help in fading pigmentation, dark spots and reduces melanin production.

Yet another indian brand focusing on single ingredients formulation Deconstruct

The combination of niacinamide & alpha Arbutin helped brighten skin.
Skin look more rejuvenated.
It has definitely controled my melanin production which I got from sun damage.
Faded recent dark spot left behind by acne completely.
So far I’m impressed with brighting serum.
For all those who complain about fragrance well all the above product are odourless.

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