Antipodes skincare night recovery cream

Ever used a probiotic cream as sleeping mask.

About the brand:

Antipode skincare, a New Zealand based brand that are vegan and sustainable too. There ingredients are sustainable as they are natives are from New Zealand forest.

Today review is culture probiotic night recovery water cream.


Formulated with Hyaluronic acid, mamaku black fern and Kalibiome AGE Probiotic.

Antipodes skincare

Probiotic is the live Bacteria which supports the healthy bacteria present in our body.

Probiotic in skincare have proven to be beneficial from fighting with acne, eczema, dry skin and reducing the sign of aging along with reversing the skin damaged caused by UV rays.

Mamaku is emollient which provides ample hydration, a bioactive sourced from forest of New Zealand.
It also help with sign of aging.

Hyaluronic Acid used here is
Plant-based hyaluronic acid, produced from the fermentation of a bacterium found in soil and roots that supports skin hydration.


It’s a formulated with water based and is very light in texture. My skin gulp it down in no time. Have a light purple hue with a sothing fragrance.

Packaging: comes in dark brown jar with outer packaging.

My experience:

Summer’s calls for lightweight non greasy cream.

I have been using PM after my Retinol and could see visible hydration followed up the next day too.

I have been blown and how.

I know this is not available in india, but you can never order it from Naturisimo.

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