Suganda squalane ceramide moisturiser


Quick first impression of the lastest launch of Suganda squalane ceramide moisturiser

Repair your skin by goodness of squalane, ceramide,centella and colloidal oatmeal.
I have been using this for more than a week now Am & PM. Yes it was sent before the launch.

What I like about it?

☘️The consistency is light weight cream that Settle in skin instantly.
☘️Gives hydration & moisturises without making face greasy.
☘️I have been pairing it with Retinol and it turned out delight for skin.
☘️It’s contains squalane which is non comedogenic, didn’t experienced any Breakout though.

Why you should try it?
☘️It’s jam packed with all the barrier repair ingredients.
☘️ Contains 3 different type of ceramide, it lock moisture in skin which helps in preventing dryness.
☘️ Colloidal oatmeal to soothe skin
☘️ centella to soothes the compromised skin.
☘️ squalane an emollient to calm skin and boast collagen production.
☘️ 2% Niacinamide we all know how wonderful is niacinamide for the skin.

This moisturiser will be a treat for all the skin types, especially dry and dehydrated skin.

Suganda- squalane ceramide moisturiser


It comes in dark class bottle with pump dispenser.

Since the consistency of the cream is quite runny the packaging is perfect.

Some key pointer:

☘️It’s unscented.

☘️Doesn’t have essential oil.

☘️Safe to apply during pregnancy too.

☘️For more effectively apply it on damp skin.

☘️Best for dry & dehydrated skin.

Check my last Post


You can buy from Suganda website.

Retail for 1100 for 50ml

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