Retinol benefits for skin

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  • Retinol benefits for skin
    why one should use Retinol post 25 yrs of age.
  • Eclat Retinol review
    eclat Retinol serum

If there is anything which everyone need to be need to be incorporated in their skin care routine specially if they are 25 +year then it has to be a writing retinol.

It is considered as gold standard of skin care .
First it was introduced for acne treatment in early nineties now it’s it’s one of the best products for anti aging wrinkles.

Don’t get mislead From reels or the videos trending over Instagram and start with is prescription based retinol. It has a multiple derivatives one of them is tretinoin which is prescribed by the dermatologist. I have seen many started impulsively it has adverse effect if not used properly.

Benefits of Retinol:
It clears your acne
Its fights science of cajun aging
It help in clearing outs textured skin
It also help in even out skin tone

How does retinol work retinol
Our skin has cycle it depend upon the age of a concern person the younger the person is the shorter the smaller the cycle is.
So when a person uses a retinol its speed up the skin cycle. Its speed up skin cycle this giving you healthy and glowy skin.

Since retinol is a treatment and a exfoliatiant simultaneously which is working towards your skin so it is advisable to not to use any skin care products apart from hydrating serum and creams.

No physical exfoliation
No BHA nothing when you are using Retinol.
Sunscreen is non negotiable as it can make skin photosensitive.

Well I’d like to say Retinol is BAAP of every skin care ingredient.
I have been using retinol since 2018 and I can vouch on its effectiveness it’s a whole sale pacakage for skin.

Intrigued by retinol wait till I give you my recommendation.

1. Eclat Retinol serum
2. Dr sheth’s Retinoid power emulsion
3. Olay regenerist
4. Murad retinol.

Eclat Retinol review

If there is any Retinol that easily available in India, then the itch says to me to try it.

Eclat brand:
Eclat is one of the best things ever happened to Indian skincare appetite in 2020.
The brand just blew up the skincare community with its multitasker product. Eclat is a dermatologist recommended brand due to pandemic it was hard as the consultation was closed they expanded their perimeter and made it accessible to everyone.
A brand that earned immense appreciation for women’s empowerment and made it to many trophies too.

Eclat Retinol 0.8%:
When I recommend any product to my followers I always make sure that they don’t overuse it as Retinol inflicts purging.
But the formulation of Eclat Retinol 0.8% is so incredible that a beginner can be effortlessly used without damaging skin barrier.

Retinol 0.8 %,Vitamin E,Ferulic Acid,Hyaluronic ,AcidButylene glycol,Propylene Glycol,Polyethylene Glycol,Glycerine,Edta,Phenoxyethanol,Fragrance.

What is Retinol:
Don’t get me started if you don’t know how influential and worthwhile Retinol is for the skin.

Retinol is the gold standard for skincare, Retinol is a synthetic derivative of vitamin A. It was accidentally discovered for anti-aging while being treated for acne. Though Retinol has many benefits depending upon the percentage one can decide.

Eclat Retinol serum

It comes in white gel-like consistency which quickly turns cream when applied to the skin.
It does come with a fragrance that doesn’t linger me.
It comes in dark glass bottle with  pump dispenser.

My Experience:
I have been reaching out to it quite frequently during the 2021 pandemic when I was too lazy to get proper skin care.
Do consider skincare for me therapeutic.
I use it alongside niacinamide toner followed by eclat Retinol and sealing the deal with a sleeping mask.
This minimalist combo is working fine for me.
It absorbs in the skin like a dream and little goes a long way.
I haven’t experienced any purging whatsoever and I have been using it every day, as my skin has adapted it beautifully.

Benefits of Retinol:
I like to say the baap of every action is Retinol therefore compilation of every product benefits is a collective result of Retinol.
1. Prevent wrinkles and smooth fines line.
2. Fade dark spots, PIH, and help in reducing pigmentation.
3. It speeds up skin cell turnover therefore it exfoliates the skin and brightens it.
4. It helps in melanin production.
5. Boost collagen and plump skin.

Do and don’t:
1. Don’t apply Retinol on damp skin, cleanse your face and wait for 5 -10 min then apply.
2. Use Retinol only at night.
3. Hydration is the key while you’re using Retinol as the skin can purge one needs to moisturizer it regularly.
4.  Don’t use any other actives while using Retinol and no more exfoliation.
5. Use twice a week if you’re a beginner.
6. SUNSCREEN is not negotiable, use broad SPF at least 50+ with PA++.
7. If your beginner uses the sandwich method or buffer it with moisturizer or use it as a wash-off treatment.
8. Anyone who is trying to conceive, pregnant or lactating shouldn’t use Retinol In derivative you can use rosehip oil instead.

Begginer Retinol review

Please wait for a minimum of 4 skin cycles to see visible results, I promise once you see the result you aren’t switching it back to any.Also, you can use my code ASFA to avail some discounts.

Also, you can use my code ASFA to avail some discounts.